Cross-Stitch Quote of the Day


Jaime and I have been having some fun turning our favorite quotes from scholars, writers, celebrities, our readers, our friends and even ourselves, into little cross-stitch “patterns.”

For today I picked a quote from Demetri Martin that we can all relate to as crafters. One of our favorite readers from Prudent Baby sent it to us and it amused us so much that we wrote it down. Now it is a cross-stitch pattern that we can all enjoy…

#3. Glitter is the Herpes -Demetri Martin

Previously posted cross stitch quotes include:

#2. Be Where You Are – Jaime Morrison Curtis

#1. Remember This – Marcus Aurelius

Cross-stitch is pretty much the perfect little winter craft and makes an adorable Valentine’s Day gift for someone sweet. If you need a refresher course, Martha can give you the low-down, of course.