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Dear Judgy Mom, My iPhone Makes Me a Better Mom. Back Off.

Yeah, I’m the Mom on the iPhone, and I refuse to feel guilty about it.

I use my iPhone at home. I use my iPhone when I’m stuck in the carpool lane. I use my iPhone when my kids are occupied and ignoring me. And, okay, sometimes when they’re not. Maybe I just need a minute to myself in the midst of our chaotic family now and then.

And that iPhone? It makes me a better mom. Not only does my phone allow me to have a life and raise children, but it allows me to work on the go so we aren’t stuck at home all day. It allows me to stay in touch with friends and family. It allows me to quickly research things that could end up as disasters.

But, most importantly, it gives me a link to the world instead of keeping me isolated as a stay-at-home mom. I’m so much better at this than I was when my oldest was younger, and that’s not just about having more practice.

I have tools for better home management. I have a camera at all times. I have my grocery list wherever I go. I have regular contact with friends — both real and online. I have an outlet and a life.

All from that little phone in my back pocket.


  • Here are 8 ways having a smart phone makes me a better mom: 1 of 9
    Here are 8 ways having a smart phone makes me a better mom:
  • There’s a camera in my pocket. 2 of 9
    There's a camera in my pocket.
    Everyone remembers to take photo and video of the big stuff — birthdays, school events, etc. — but having a camera with me all the time means I can capture little moments. The pets waiting for our teen every day after school, the tween's latest quirky habits or the youngest's twirling and fashion shows. And, I'll never forget the great kid phrases and quotes, because Twitter stores them all in my archives.
  • We’re in constant contact with family. 3 of 9
    We're in constant contact with family.
    This little guy Face Timed me on my birthday this week. Cutest "Happy birthday!" EVER. I love being able to see my niece and nephews on a regular basis, and it keeps the girls connected to their cousins from afar. Plus, sharing funny kid quotes and daily photos keeps their grandparents in the loop and strengthens the bond.
  • I have better tools for household management. 4 of 9
    I have better tools for household management.
    I use my bank's app to keep up with our finances and pay bills on the go. I use Home Routine to keep a better cleaning schedule. And, I use Google calendars to store menu plans, to-dos, and reminders of things like trash night. It helps our home run smoothly and gives me more time to spend with the kids.
  • I can be more productive with my day. 5 of 9
    I can be more productive with my day.
    With email, work tools, and a calendar with me all day long, I can better use my downtime. Maybe I'm not watching my girls take every step up to the slide, but I'm there with them and getting things done so we can play games that night instead of needing to finish work. It also allows me to schedule things on the go, saving return phone calls to confirm appointments, meetings, and other events.
  • Errands are faster and easier. 6 of 9
    Errands are faster and easier.
    I use a couple different apps for keeping track of errands. The Errands app is actually my favorite. But, we do still keep a written grocery list so the rest of the family can add to it as we run low on something. If I forget it, someone can snap a picture and text it to me at the store. So easy!
  • My iPhone saves us money. 7 of 9
    My iPhone saves us money.
    I've talked many times about digital savings, couponing, and grocery lists. I firmly believe my iPhone pays for itself in store discounts, daily deals, and email coupons.
  • It helps me fix my mistakes. 8 of 9
    It helps me fix my mistakes.
    For last night's Girl Scout meeting, I forgot both the agenda and the craft instructions. With Dropbox and Pinterest in my pocket, the day was saved! And the girls had absolutely no idea that I hadn't come totally prepared.
  • Sometimes, it just plain saves my sanity. 9 of 9
    Sometimes, it just plain saves my sanity.
    And, yeah, there are times I'm just messing around on my phone. I text my friends regularly — it's so helpful to have someone to turn to with questions, frustrations or just plain fun. I also check Twitter, I check Facebook, I pin, I Instagram, and I refuse to feel guilty about any of it. Sometimes, a mom just needs a little break from the chaos of her day. And, it's okay.

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