DIY Valentine Fridge Bunting


I was asked earlier by the girls at the Martha Stewart Living blog to come up with a Valentine’s craft you could send off with your kids to give to their classmates.

Obviously, I figured this craft needed to be 1. quick, 2. inexpensive, and 3. not candy-oriented. (Seriously, enough candy! Candy up to my ears!)

After the jump, see what I came up with! A fun, easy craft you can do with your kids (promise!) and display on your fridge for Valentine’s Day and beyond!

  • Step One: Amass Your Supplies 1 of 3
    Step One: Amass Your Supplies
    For this craft you'll need miniature wooden clothespins (I found mine at Michaels), scissors, some twine, acrylic paint (I used various shades of pink and red from the Martha Stewart line at Michaels), magnetic tape, and (optional) a Valentine!

    Paint your clothespins (just the front panel, leave the rest bare!) and allow to dry. Once dry, cut small strips of magnetic tape and attach to the back of each clothes pin. Then cut your twine (about 12 inches ought to do you). Seriously, you're done.
  • Step Two: Presentation Is Everything 2 of 3
    Step Two: Presentation Is Everything
    I included a strip of candy dots at the last second because, shoot, that's what Valentine's Day does for your willpower.
  • Step Three: Display! 3 of 3
    Step Three: Display!
    Stringing the twine in the clothespins, hang your favorite valentines or photos or recipes or love notes, and enjoy!

You can vote for my craft at the Martha Stewart blog HERE. You don’t have to. But you should!