DIY Video Workshops, Get Crafting Today


Don’t you just love a good craft video tutorial? I do. You really get to see how it’s all done. With photos, you only get a taste of how to work the project. But with video, you see how it all fits together!

In comes Creativebug, a new DIY video source with craft workshops.

They set out to create a site that is simple, polished and welcoming for all levels of crafters, from the technically-inclined to the dabblers. Each video offers step-by-step instruction, shot with top of the line equipment so the angles are always clear, allowing viewers to follow every nuance and detail. And because they believe that crafting is as much about the emotional satisfaction as it is the finished item, they share the creative inspiration and story of each designer we work with. I love to know more behind the story!

The quality of instructors who have decided to partner with them are amazing, from Christine Schmidt at Yellow Owl Workshop to Liesl Gibson and Heather Ross.

Members have access to every video for $25 a month so anyone – regardless of location – has access to the best instructors around. They are adding new videos every week and have a terrific lineup of instructors and workshops in the queue. Here’s their intro video to see how it all works.

Check out more from Creativebug!