Don't Buy That! How to Borrow or Rent The Things You Need


For years, I didn’t own a Shop-Vac. My best friend had one, so it was a simple matter to run down the block to get hers when the need arose. Ditto to the expensive tools the father-in-law owns that we only ever need once. It just doesn’t make sense to buy something, when I could borrow it.

And, it goes both ways. Need to move your furniture? The seats come out of my van. Oh, your carpets need cleaned? I have a steamer you can borrow. It’s just sitting here, taking up space, in between uses anyway. My friends and I have swapped cocktail dresses, ladders, and even cars.

It starts in junior high — when you realize your best friend wears the same size shoe. Now, businesses are cropping up all over the place to facilitate — in case your friends just don’t have what you need.

Rent the tools you need from Home Depot. Find a fancy dress on Rent the Runway. Carry that designer handbag you’ve always coveted through Bag, Borrow or Steal.

You can even drive a car for an hour or two with a Zip Car membership. With gas and insurance included in the fees, it’s an inexpensive alternative to owning a car in a large city or on college campuses. That’s a heck of a lot easier than trying to find a ride from someone who already has a car on campus!

I’m really liking this whole concept. Why should I take up more room in my closet for a dress I’ll never where again? Where would I store a garden tiller all year, when I only need it once? I’m learning to rely on my friends, but it’s nice to know I have commercial options, too.

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