Easy DIY Centerpiece


Remember a couple of weeks ago when we were chatting about DIY centerpieces? I was feeling inspired and decided to whip up this gorgeous (but super simple) centerpiece perfect for your next dinner party or just adding a splash of cheerfulness to your dining room table. Trust me when I say I am far from a florist and I definitely find flowers a little daunting, but if I can do this you can do this!

All you need to get started are the flowers of your choice – I chose pretty yellow tulips and alstroemeria and some gorgeous pink peonies picked fresh from the yard. Otherwise you’ll just need some simple floral wire, floral tape, some bamboo skewers, masking tape, a large bowl, and shears. Ready to get started? Pop over to The Sweetest Occasion where I’ve detailed all the steps. Happy arranging!

Photos by Alice G. Patterson

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