12 DIY Journal + Scrapbook Ideas


If you’re like me, the idea of scrapbooking or keeping a journal is one that you love, but frankly never seem to find time to actually do. Lack of time aside, preserving and cherishing memories and photos is something I really aspire to do more of moving forward. So with that in mind, lately I’ve found myself really drawn to cute and easy journal and scrapbook ideas. Ideas that are inexpensive, whimsical and easy to do. Here are 12 fun ideas for DIY journals and scrapbooks that are as sweet as they are simple!

  • DIY Journal Embroidery Kit 1 of 12
    DIY Journal Embroidery Kit
    This project is as easy as it gets! You get a kit with two journals and everything you need to embroider your own cover!
    Get yours for $20 for a kit of 2 from Curious Doodles.
  • Calendar Journal 2 of 12
    Calendar Journal
    Made with a fruit box, index cards and old postcards, this calendar journal is so easy to use - just jot down one line a day!
    Get the how-to from Design*Sponge.
  • 10 Highlights Scrapbook 3 of 12
    10 Highlights Scrapbook
    I love this idea! A "highlights" journal made from brown paper bags, lined paper and tape!
    Get the how-to from A Beautiful Mess.
  • DIY Travel Journal 4 of 12
    DIY Travel Journal
    I love this sweet travel journal/scrapbook, loaded with trip photos, ticket stubs and mementos!
    Get the how-to from A Beautiful Mess.
  • Quick + Easy Scrapbook 5 of 12
    Quick + Easy Scrapbook
    Perfect for documenting a special occasion such as a wedding, this quick and easy scrapbook idea has tips for completing it in just one sitting!
    Get the how-to from A Beautiful Mess.
  • Recipe Box Calendar Journal 6 of 12
    Recipe Box Calendar Journal
    Another cute line-a-day calendar journal, this one uses index cards tucked into a vintage recipe box. So sweet!
    Get the how-to from Wit & Whistle.
  • Book Page Journal 7 of 12
    Book Page Journal
    This fun, rustic journal uses old book pages and gridded paper!
    Get the how-to from Design*Sponge.
  • Woven Map Travel Journal 8 of 12
    Woven Map Travel Journal
    I love this travel journal, which boasts a woven map cover over a standard composition notebook.
    Get the how-to from Ruby Murrays Musings.
  • Gold Dipped Journal 9 of 12
    Gold Dipped Journal
    How gorgeous are these gold-dipped journals? They're perfect for to-do lists, too!
    Get the how-to from eat sleep cuddle.
  • DIY Instagram Journal 10 of 12
    DIY Instagram Journal
    Love your Instagram photos and want to show them off? Make this super cool DIY Instagram journal!
    Get the how-to from A Beautiful Mess.
  • Manilla Folder Journal 11 of 12
    Manilla Folder Journal
    You know those manilla folders that are a dime a dozen? Use them to make a fun little folder journal!
    Get the how-to from A Beautiful Mess.
  • Vintage Postcard Travel Journal 12 of 12
    Vintage Postcard Travel Journal
    One of my favorites of the bunch, I love this travel journal made from vintage postcards!
    Get the how-to from A Beautiful Mess.

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