Free Kids' Haircuts Every Sunday


My girls were 2 of the 1.6 million kids to get free haircuts from JCPenney through their August back-to-school promotion. The stylists did a fabulous job, the girls enjoyed our day at the mall, and I loved that it only cost me a few dollars tip.

It looks like this can now be a regular, family tradition — JCPenney is bringing back free haircuts this November and has plans to make it permanent! Every Sunday, kids from kindergarten to 6th grade can get a free haircut from any JCPenney stylist.

You’ll likely need an appointment, but I can see it being a fun day out on a lazy Sunday. Lunch, haircuts, holiday shopping, maybe? Plus, if this truly does become a permanent part of JCPenney’s marketing strategy, it won’t be difficult to reschedule your next Sunday appointment before you even leave the salon!

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