Get Organized in 2012: 15 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen


Welcome to the first in a series of “getting organized” posts — all set to help you get organized in 2012, one room at a time! Let’s start in everyone’s favorite room: the kitchen. With so much activity, and so many kitchen tools and ingredients, it’s easy for the kitchen to get disorganized despite everyone’s best intentions.

I’ve put together 15 of my favorite gadgets and DIY projects, to help you get the jump on 2012 kitchen organization … check them out after the jump!

  • Undershelf Placemat Organizer 1 of 15
    Undershelf Placemat Organizer
    Placemats are nearly impossible to keep tidy. If they're in a flat drawer they fold, bunch and fall behind the drawer. This is a great idea to put placemats in the unused space under shelves.
    Learn more at The Container Store
  • Two-Tier Lazy Susan 2 of 15
    Two-Tier Lazy Susan
    Lazy Susans are great space savers -- but many still waste vertical space. This is a good solution for making use of tall corner cabinets.
    Learn more at The Container Store
  • Pull-Out Waste and Recycling Center 3 of 15
    Pull-Out Waste and Recycling Center
    I have one of these in my kitchen and now I can't imagine being without one. It uses under-counter space more efficiently and fits white kitchen bags perfectly.
    Learn more at The Home Depot
  • Create a Baking Station 4 of 15
    Create a Baking Station
    Love to bake? Put all your baking supplies right around your work area. Check out this great idea (and many others) for making your kitchen time organized and efficient.
    Learn more at Houzz
  • Do It Yourself Drawer Organizers 5 of 15
    Do It Yourself Drawer Organizers
    Tired of hunting for that wooden spoon, spatula, carrot peeler, avocado doohickey or apple corer? Those kitchen tool drawers get messy fast, and regular silverware organizers aren't big enough. Here's how to quickly organize those drawers without a lot of work.
    Learn more at Under The Table and Dreaming
  • Under the Cabinet Lights 6 of 15
    Under the Cabinet Lights
    No matter how good your kitchen light, your cabinets can easily obscure the light sources. These under-cabinet lights are especially cool because they can be directionally adjusted. You may also choose rope lights or other under-cabinet styles (I have some from Home Depot I custom-cut to fit my cabinets over my kitchen desk.)
    Learn more at Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Organize your Plates with a Plate Organizer 7 of 15
    Organize your Plates with a Plate Organizer
    Stacks of plates don't like to stay upright or stay organized. Our Swedish friends at Ikea have a great idea for solving this problem.
    Learn more at Ikea
  • Freezer Magnetic Board 8 of 15
    Freezer Magnetic Board
    Keep track of what's in your freezer with this easy-to-make project. This shows you how she did it -- with scraps from previous projects!
    Learn more at Full of Great Ideas
  • Cover your Door with Chalkboard Paint 9 of 15
    Cover your Door with Chalkboard Paint
    Keep track of your shopping list in the pantry with this great idea. Jot down what you're out of inside the door. Take a picture on your camera phone before you go to the store and you're all set!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Etch Kitchen Jars 10 of 15
    Etch Kitchen Jars
    This is a great idea for customizing your storage jars. The examples here are for gifts -- but the technique would be easily applied to organizing.
    Learn more at gluesticks
  • Turn a Curtain Rod into a Pan Organizer 11 of 15
    Turn a Curtain Rod into a Pan Organizer
    I am always chasing the proper lids around my pots-and-pans drawers. This inexpensive and easy DIY idea solves the problem easily.
    Learn more at Instructables
  • Store your Recipes in a Stylish Recipe Box 12 of 15
    Store your Recipes in a Stylish Recipe Box
    Get rid of that drawer/shoebox/ancient recipe box and put your recipes in something you'll be happy to see. This easy project helps you get your recipes organized and stored in a durable, attractive box.
    Learn more at How Does She
  • Use Tension Rods to Organize under your Kitchen Sink 13 of 15
    Use Tension Rods to Organize under your Kitchen Sink
    This is a brilliant solution to a perpetual problem area -- under the kitchen sink! No matter how many plastic baskets I buy, it still gets disorganized there. Try this to make it easy.
    Learn more at A Thousand Words
  • Make a Magazine Recipe Binder 14 of 15
    Make a Magazine Recipe Binder
    I like to read magazines -- and tear out the pages and ideas I'd like to come back to. Here's a great way to save recipes you'd like to try ... and it's easy to flip through, unlike a pile of torn pages.
    Learn more at Good Life Eats
  • Kitchen Spice Organizer 15 of 15
    Kitchen Spice Organizer
    Spices multiply ... and when they do they're hard to store and hard to find. This neat little product turns unused space into easy spice storage.
    Learn more at Target

How do YOU stay organized in YOUR kitchen? Let us know in the comments!


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