Holiday Crafts for Kids: DIY Ornaments and holiday crackers


Holiday Crackers and Glitter Ornaments

DIY Ornaments and holiday crackers

Holiday Crackers:

I grew up in England, where crackers (treat filled cardboard tubes wrapped in tissue paper so they look like oversized candy that two people pull apart to reveal the goodies inside) were a staple during the holidays. These homemade versions would be fun to share with classmates or look lovely used to adorn the holiday table.


Cardboard tube, scissors, glue, tissue or wrapping paper, curling ribbon, treats (candy, toys, etc.), embellishments such as stickers, glitter, etc. (optional)

How To:

  • Cut a couple of pieces of tissue or wrapping paper approximately 4-6 inches longer than cardboard tube
  • Center tube on tissue or wrapping paper and wrap around and seal with tape
  • Gently twist one end of tissue or wrapping paper and tie with ribbon
  • Insert treats into open end of cracker and tie that end with ribbon
  • Embellish as desired

Glitter Ornaments:

Dress up store bought ornaments with a little glitter and some ribbon to create unique ornaments that will give your home a little sparkle all season long.

DIY Ornaments and holiday crackers


Bauble ornaments, glitter, ribbon, white school glue, newspaper

How To:

  • Cover work surface with newspaper
  • Using a small amount of glue, draw designs carefully on ornament
  • Sprinkle glitter over glue
  • Set aside to dry
  • Add festive ribbon and hang to display
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