Holiday Tipping Made Simple


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Your shopping is done, your stockings are hung. Your tree is trimmed, your holiday cards are even addressed! Go you! Time to sit back with a cup of nog and call it a long winter’s nap, yes?

But wait–what about your holiday tips?!

Before I lived in New York City, I knew nothing about the annual holiday tip. But it turns out, annual tips for those in the service industry whose help we enjoy and employ is yet another holiday tradition. Holiday tips are terribly important, and a good tip is the marker of a good client. It can be tricky though. How much is a enough? How much is too much? Is it different for your hair stylist than for your doorman? Or your dog walker? Your babysitter? What about your favorite barista at Starbucks? (Kidding. Mostly.)

After the jump, a handy infographic to sort out the heads and tails of holiday tipping. You’ll tip with confidence! I promise!

Photo Credit: Rentenna

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