Valentine Holder: Crafts that kids of any age can make for school


Little ones will love creating their own Valentine keeper, to store not just the goodies and love notes they receive on February 14th, but all year round. These keepers are great to use in classrooms or at home. It’s fun for kids to check their keeper for Valentine’s treats, and “deliver” their Valentines to others’!


Paper or plastic plates

A stapler


Markers, paints, stickers, glitter, etc. to decorate!


Step 1: Take two paper plates. Leave one whole and cut the other in half.

Step 2: Staple the paper plate half to the bottom of the whole paper plate, creating a pouch.

Step 3: Add a ribbon loop at the top for your keeper to hang from.

Step 4: Decorate (For the holder shown, I cut out hearts and colored them with Sharpies, but the possibilities are endless – use your kid’s favorite stickers, glitter, paint, etc.)