How to Cut Your Vacation Budget in Half


On Monday, we spent a fabulous day at the beach with my best friend and her family. This was perfect for so many different reasons.

Not only did I have someone to help me plan our non-vacation, but we got to share the load — and expenses — along the way.

I brought the boogie boards; she brought the sand toys. I have a beach blanket; she has umbrellas. I packed lunch supplies; she had dinner covered. She knew the way; I knew how to entertain the kids in the car.

Vacations can be a lot of work to plan and prepare — it’s awesome to be able to split responsibilities now and then. Someday, we’ll take a full vacation together. One large beach house is usually less expensive than 2 smaller ones. And, when we’re all together, many places will offer a group discount on tickets.

Plus, I get to hang out with my best friend, and that just might be worth more than the money we saved.

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