It's Time for a Second Honeymoon


My husband and I have been married for almost 12 years. We are 3 kids later and ready for a little getaway all on our own.

Somewhere through the years, we told ourselves we would take a second honeymoon on our 10 year anniversary. But you know how that goes. Especially when you don’t plan!

Ya, we didn’t go anywhere. 10 years came and went.

Really, if things aren’t planned, organized, and paid for in advance, time seems to slip on by.

Well, we’ve got to make it happen. And to make it super simple, here’s what I’ve proposed… a cruise! Yes, it’s the ultimate vacation and here are my reasons why…

  • There are always great deals happening for a cruise. Especially if we book now, check out all these perks!
  • Cruises are so flexible with their trips. It could be a quick 3-4 day cruise, or we could vacation for up to a week or more.
  • Everything is planned for us, we just have to pick the destination. Once we get on the boat, the ship does all the work. We just sit and relax and enjoy the endless ocean!

Good reasons, right?! Besides, a little time away from the kids will make the heart grow fonder. And Grandma needs some bonding time with her grand babies!

Have you taken that ever-so-necessary second honeymoon?

A big thanks to Norwegian Cruise Line for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.