Keeping Your Video Camera Handy for Special Moments


I have memories of my mom opening up a large plastic suitcase-type thing, pulling out a very heavy and awkward device, laying it on her shoulder and taking video of our family. It was almost bigger than her. She must of had some pretty big biceps! But at the time, that was all we had to take video of us kids. Not so handy!!

Flash forward to today and the amazing light weight tiny devices available that are so easy and fun to use.

Like the Sony Handycam! One thing I LOVE about it is the size. It’s so small and “handy”. I can fit it right in my purse and it doesn’t feel too bulky. My video camera is at the ready and I’m armed with ability to take amazing video of my family at all times!!

The camera is so small you can store it in a sock or sew up a quick draw string bag for it to help keep it from getting your lipstick on it!

Did you remember those big ol’ dinosaurs called video cameras back in the day?! I’m so glad we’ve made big improvements there.

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