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The Top 50 Etsy Parents, 2012

As parents, putting family first can make us feel like our own interests and hobbies are pushed to the backburner. However, sometimes you meet a mom or dad who carves out time to pursue their passions — and make a living from it, to boot. While compiling this list, we’ve had the chance to hear from incredible parents around the globe. What they all have in common is a love for beautiful things — and the savvy to share it with others on Etsy.

The shops on this year’s list are as diverse as the sellers behind them. From couture kids clothes to vintage home goods, each object showcased here is a representation of the creative stories behind them. Warning: this is online shopping, taken up a notch. Prepare to become addicted! (And if you think we missed a shop, nominate it in the comments!) — Amy Levin Epstein

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Ashley Pahl

The Top 50 Etsy Parents, 2012



The Top 50 Etsy Parents, 2012Owner: Ashley Pahl, 27, mom to Madeleine, 3, and Ellie, 2, living in East Lansing, MI


Shop here for: Paper-cut and printed stationery

Signature Item: “Forever” birch tree paper-cut and painted card, $12

Although her academic background is in science, Ashley’s passion has always been for crafting. With one look at at her shop full of graphic, eye-catching cut-out cards, showcasing one-liners like “my lucky star” and “you rock,” it’s clear she’s quite skilled at it.

Naturally, Ashley’s Etsy shop has been a surefire success. In 2012, she sold 25 “you are my favorite” cards — just three weeks before Valentine’s Day. “It doesn’t sound like much, but they take 30 minutes each to make, so it felt like a storm of orders,” she says.

She expects to be just as busy this holiday season, when she expands to holiday cards and giftwrap. In fact, it was during the festive season that she received her favorite order, ever: “One Christmas, an actor on my very favorite TV show requested a huge, custom order of Christmas cards from me. She intended to give them out to the cast and crew of the show.” Talk about a cut above the rest!

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