Let's Clean Our Home One Closet at a Time


Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you with me on a journey to cleaning and organizing my home, one closet at a time.

You know, those pesky closets. The ones that pretend to be all neat and tidy. The ones tucked away behind closed doors making you think they are clean.

Well, they’re not… closets are sneaky that way.

At least mine have had a way of becoming a ticking time bomb, just waiting for the time when I least expect it. I’ll open the door to stuff one more towel into any tiny crevice possible and it will all come crashing down on me. Like a bad comedy. It’s time to do something about it.

So, come and play along. Let’s clean our closets together. Next up: The Pantry Closet

Are your closets jam-packed? Which of your closets need the most work?

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