Mega Millions and Playing the Lottery


We don’t have Mega Millions here in Indiana, but with the jackpot over $300 million, even I had heard about this one. My Facebook page was blowing up with friends buying into the excitement. Could you just imagine if your $1 ticket turned you into a millionaire of this magnitude?

But, alas, I am not friends with a mega-millionaire yet! The Mega Millions winning numbers (9-19-34-44-51, Mega Ball 24) were not purchased. If you didn’t buy a ticket this week, you still have a shot at the now $476 million prize.

$476 million. $476,000,000!

I can’t even wrap my head around it. Even knowing the slim odds of winning, a number like that draws people in. I mean, someone has to win, right? The anticipation and excitement of checking your numbers can be fun, too — even if you don’t win, it’s an adrenaline rush to think you could.

That’s one of the reasons J. Money, from Budgets Are Sexy, is a hardcore scratch-off fan. He recently did a little experiment on the lottery hobby, buying $100 worth of scratch-off tickets all at once to see how much he could make. The results were quite a surprise!

I’ve watched J. drop $20 on lottery tickets just for Friday night entertainment. If it’s all for fun — and not a gambling addiction — I don’t see the harm in it, as long as you have the disposable income. But, studies show Americans spend an average of $100-600 per year on lottery tickets, with most of that coming from low income families who can least afford to throw it away.

Some people will even spend $200-600 every week, constantly chasing the dream of a big jackpot! That’s more than I spend on groceries. Then again, you can’t win if you don’t play!

So, will you buy a Mega Millions ticket this week?

Photo Credit: J. Money, used with permission

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