My Favorite Purl Soho Needlepoint Kits!


Last week I finished my second needlepoint (needle… work?) project, a counted cross stitch alphabet sampler. Nerd alert: it was the most fun I’ve had on a project since the last needlepoint project I picked up.

When I was just almost finished, I found myself strolling through SoHo on a sunny afternoon and happening upon the Purl Soho shop. I’ve long followed Purl’s sewing and crafts blog, The Purl Bee, and was so excited to have accidentally stumbled upon the actual location, until I got to the back of the store, whereupon I done died dead. Because did you know Purl has the most insanely good collection of needlepoint kits and patterns in the back of their store?  Even recalling it now and I get goosebumps. It was a mecca of nerdy craftiness. Because there isn’t a craft much nerdier than needlepoint and embroidery and counted cross stitch and crewel work, is there? And it is SO HARD to find tasteful needlepoint projects that you’d actually want to display in your home once finished these days.

Luckily for me, and you, and all other inhabitants of planet Earth, you can purchase these patterns and kits online. And I just thought I’d be the bearer of good news and tell you all about it. If you’re like me and needing your next needlework hit? Well, you’re welcome, nerds!

My favorite kits and patterns available at Purl Soho, now that I’ve seen them in the flesh and can verify their awesomeness, after the jump!

  • Olde Alphabet 1 of 14
    Olde Alphabet
    If you've gotta start somewhere, and old(e) fashioned alphabet sampler is a good a place as any.
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $5.70.
  • Mermaid Sampler 2 of 14
    Mermaid Sampler
    I said MERMAIDS!
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $77.00.
  • Bird Sampler 3 of 14
    Bird Sampler
    I love samplers. I love how old-fashioned they are. They serve practically no purpose except to just exist. How great is that?
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $90.00.
  • Winter Sampler 4 of 14
    Winter Sampler
    The good news is, by the time you finish it, it'll be Christmas again!
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $65.00.
  • Kilim One 5 of 14
    Kilim One
    I am saving my pennies for this one. It is hand painted. You hardly want to make a single stitch on it.
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $181.80.
  • Chickadee Eyeglass Case Crewel Kit 6 of 14
    Chickadee Eyeglass Case Crewel Kit
    Nerd alert! This is SO RAD!
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $12.00.
  • Black Capped Chickadees Bermuda Bag 7 of 14
    Black Capped Chickadees Bermuda Bag
    Doing your needlework right on the bag solves that problem you always have once you're finished of not knowing what on earth to do with it now.
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $42.00.
  • Sunshine Bouquet Crewel Kit 8 of 14
    Sunshine Bouquet Crewel Kit
    Crewel work is fun because you sort of get to pick your own stitches and colors and let the spirit move you. Once you're finished with this guy, he wants to be made into a little round pillow for your sofa. He told me so.
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $25.00.
  • Charlie Harper Bluebird 9 of 14
    Charlie Harper Bluebird
    Charlie Harper! How divine is this? It would look good anywhere, but especially on a pillow on your little mid century Eames rocker.
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $52.00.
  • Alphabet Embroidery Patterns 10 of 14
    Alphabet Embroidery Patterns
    Hedgehog! These are good for short attention spans, and if you did all 26 it would be REALLY rad in a nursery.
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $8.75 each.
  • Black Capped Chickadee Crewel Kit 11 of 14
    Black Capped Chickadee Crewel Kit
    You know right where to put this once it's finished. Right in that one spot by the settee, yes?
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $20.
  • Wildflower Charted Needlepoint Kits 12 of 14
    Wildflower Charted Needlepoint Kits
    These kits come with everything you need to complete the piece, and would be so cute lined up along a wall.
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $45.00.
  • Ship ‘N’ Whale Crewel Kit 13 of 14
    Ship 'N' Whale Crewel Kit
    Perfect for a nursery, the den, or as a gift for your favorite sea-faring strapping bearded gentleman.
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $20.
  • 2012 Tea Towel Calendar Embroidery Kit 14 of 14
    2012 Tea Towel Calendar Embroidery Kit
    The great thing about tea towel calendars is they're only useful as calendars for one year. They are highly extravagant in that way and yet, still, they're towels. I don't know, it just tickles me. I also really like this pattern.
    Get this kit RIGHT HERE, $32.50.