No Fat-Quarter is Safe: Do You Take Your Babies Shopping?


It’s official, my in-store fabric shopping days are over for 3-5 years. I stopped in my favorite local Dallas fabric shop, City Craft, to say hi to my friend Callie and was there for three minutes before I had to drag my destructive gang out the door. Mamas, do you successfully take your little ones to to the sewing shop?

My first baby was no problem. Look at her in the back of the photo, she has always been like that. If there is such a thing as a lazy baby, that’s her. The perfect shopping companion.

The middle one is a bit more curious but easily distracted with a snack of any kind.

The third? Yeah that one. The one grinning at the camera as he tears books off of the shelf. He has ended my shopping days. Of course you know I love fabric shopping online but sometimes a girl just wants to get touchy-feely with some voile and chat with some like-minded crafty ladies, ya know? I hate to generalize but dudes & shopping, it starts early, I guess.


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