Olive Us: Adventures in Childhood Frolicking


Imagine being a kid with a big happy band of siblings to call friends with whom to share endless adventures. Then imagine getting to spend a couple of years living in a farmhouse in the French countryside, frolicking around and experiencing life as most kids never know it. (I imagine there’s a lot of good bread and cheese involved and that alone is enough to make me jealous.) That, in a nutshell, is the lives of the Blair kids. Mom, Gabby Blair (known better to most as Design Mom) and her husband Ben have six of the cutest kiddos you’ve ever laid eyes on. Olive Us is their latest project and I, for one, am completely captivated.

Filmed by the incredibly talented Tiger in a Jar, Olive Us is a new weekly video series highlighting the adventures of the Blair kids in a perfect, whimsical style that immediately captured my imagination. The first episode, Garden Day, features a day in the garden with the Blairs. I dare you to watch it and not get completely infected with childlike wonder and want to run outside right away and play in the dirt. Inspired by teaching their kids to be good siblings to each other, Olive Us is a celebration of family with a focus on capturing a portrait of the beauty of everyday. I seriously can’t wait for the next episode! Check it all out at Olive Us and visit Design Mom for all the details on the first video. Also be sure to pop over to Family Style for more beauty from Gabby.

Photos from Olive Us.

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