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  • Thats a Wrap! 1 of 10
    Thats a Wrap!
    Keep embroidery floss from getting tangled by wrapping it around a traditional wooden clothespin. One color per pin — genius!
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  • Shake n Make 2 of 10
    Shake n Make
    Start putting glitter on a project and before you know it, your entire living room is sparkling. Use salt and pepper shakers to keep glitter mess-free. Use vintage glass ones for an even prettier look!
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  • Craft Cubbies 3 of 10
    Craft Cubbies
    Not sure where to stow knitting projects in progress? Repurpose coffee cans with contact paper and mount to a wall for a space-saving (and eco-friendly!) way to store yarn and knitting supplies.
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  • Roll Em Out 4 of 10
    Roll Em Out
    This is a clever way to utilize a cheap tupperware bin (be sure to get the kind that comes with holes!) to store — and easily access — your ribbon collection!
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  • Clearly Genius 5 of 10
    Clearly Genius
    These clear plastic kitchen containers keep a variety of craft items visible and easy to grab.
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  • Stow and Go 6 of 10
    Stow and Go
    Re-use a bed linen bag or any clear zippered pouch as a way to keep project supplies together — especially handy for stowing away or taking your crafts on the go!
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  • Funnel-y Enough 7 of 10
    Funnel-y Enough
    Martha Stewart’s idea for keeping balls of twine, string, or yarn from getting tangled using aluminum funnels is amazing — and gorgeous! The aluminum funnels add a nice metallic touch in a roomful of crafting supplies.
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  • Adore this Door 8 of 10
    Adore this Door
    An over-the-door shoe organizer is a great way to organize supplies — whether it’s meant to help kids or adults!
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  • At Your Service 9 of 10
    At Your Service
    A spice rack is the perfect way to store small craft items. Never lose tiny add-ons like sequins, pompoms, or googly eyes again!
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  • A Crate Idea 10 of 10
    A Crate Idea
    Acrylic paint is best stored upside down, but this makes for tricky storage. Luckily, the bottles can be easily corralled using a repurposed Coke crate or similarly structured box.
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