Picnic Essentials


We’ve been going on a lot of picnics lately. The weather has been a little cooler and with the light changing, I’m really aiming to catch every last drop of summer. This year I decided to invest in some good picnic wares so that we could reuse our utinsels and dishes instead of using paper. Click through for my favorite pieces.

1. Pendelton Wool Blanket – This blanket is so warm and pretty, I like to have it on hand when the temperatures start to drop.

2. Pretty Plates – How great are these paper-like plates?

3. Flatware – Although it’s sold out, we’re still crazy about this Anthropologie set.

4. Napkins on a Roll – These reusable napkins are so great, you just tear and wash.

5. Enameled Mugs – the weight of these mugs are great.

I saw this video yesterday online and it made me laugh, would you eat off of a table? I can’t imagine a scenario when I would. I especially love the looks that the couple is giving her.

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