Pink Lemonade Cookies and COOL WHIP Dip


I recently found a recipe for pink lemonade cookies, and boy what a delicious and refreshing snack! I made another batch yesterday and thought, “what would be the perfect compliment to these cookies?” Why COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, of course! I put some COOL WHIP into a bowl and added a little yellow food coloring so that it looks like lemonade. I cut the cookies up into small pieces so that kids can dip them easily into the bowl.

A quick little recipe like this is fun for any sort of summer festivity, and you can customize the cookies and colors to your liking. I have to tell you, once we got started munching on these little bites, we couldn’t stop. My favorite part was how EASY it was to pull together. Within a few minutes I had a delicious treat. Just dip and munch!

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