Pirates and Pumpkins and Superheroes, Oh My!



  • The ultimate gamers 1 of 50
    We're dying to know how Mario rescued Princess Toadstool — we've been trying since 1987.
    Photo by Sarah James, @Whoorl, Beauty and the Beat
  • Peter Parker 2 of 50
    His trusted spidey senses told him that Halloween was only one week away. Better start practicing saving people.
    Photo by Susan Petersen, @FreshlyPicked, The New Home-ec blogger
  • Down in the dumps 3 of 50
    He was just told his bat mobile was stolen … again.
    Photo by Catherine Connors, @HerBadMother, Bad Mother Confidential
  • Life on Sesame Street 4 of 50
    Tickle me … I dare ya.
    Photo by Keli Hoskins, @KeliHoskins, Kidnapped by Suburbia
  • Cream of the crop 5 of 50
    "Mom, quick! Take the picture! These gourds are looking at me funny."
    Photo by Natalie Holbrook, @NatTheFatRat, Toddler Times and Family Style blogger
  • The mask of toddler 6 of 50
    Mask? Check. Cape? Check. This toddler is ready to save the world.
    Photo by Miss James Bleubird, @BleuBird, Bleubird
  • Darth in formalwear 7 of 50
    Hey, wait! Aren't you Luke's father?
    Photo by Rebecca Woolf, @GirlsGoneChild, Gone Child(ssss)
  • Pig out 8 of 50
    "Until Halloween, I'll only be answering questions with one word: oink."
    Photo by Ilana Wiles, @MommyShorts, Being Pregnant blogger
  • The strangers 9 of 50
    There's something oddly disturbing about plain clothes and furry masks. We can't quite put our paw on it …
    Photo by Denise Bove, @DeniseBove, We Go To & Fro
  • Did someone call for a superhero? 10 of 50
    When she put her mask on, she became a different kid. Just ask her mama …
    Photo by Amanda Williams, @Life_Edited, Life Edited
  • The pumpkin patch kids 11 of 50
    We can't decide who's cuter: the little boy who looks like he just pooped his pants or his friend, who's trying to eat his hand. Tough call.
    Photo by Moriah Sunde, @MoriahSunde, Moriah Makes
  • The princess and the toad 12 of 50
    "Mom, why do I always have to be the warty frog?!"
    Photo by Kelle Hampton, @Etst, Enjoying the Small Things
  • The purrrfect costume 13 of 50
    This feline's ready to prowl the streets for her trick-or-treat goodies.
    Photo by Cheeky Kitchen, @CheekyKitchen, Family Kitchen blogger
  • New breeds 14 of 50
    The bunny-cat … coming to a doorstep near you this Halloween.
    Photo by Rachelle Francey, @KenziePoo, Kenzie Poo
  • Skin and bones 15 of 50
    We'd imagine wearing skeleton jammies to bed would give these kids some wicked scary nightmares …
    Photo by Liz Stanley, @SayYesToHoboken, Family Style blogger
  • Fall festivities 16 of 50
    Let's get this hayride on the road!
    Photo by Lauren Hartmann, @TheLittleThingsWeDo, Baby's First Year blogger
  • The dark knight 17 of 50
    If Halloween weren't a week away, we'd swear Batman was taking up residence here.
    Photo by Pauline Karwowski, @ClassyChaos, Classy Chaos
  • Hot diggity dog 18 of 50
    This Halloween costume looks downright edible. (And we think he's a little excited about it.)
    Photo by Katie Granju, @KGranju, Home/Work
  • Garden terror 19 of 50
    We have a feeling this tot is too cute to scare away any crows …
    Photo by Andrea Updyke, @AndreaUpdyke, Lil Kid Things
  • Shark attack 20 of 50
    This pup never wanted to be a fish, but if the fin fits …
    Photo by Mandy, @TeamMandy, The Haps
  • Orange everywhere 21 of 50
    The pumpkins quivered in fear when they realized they were about to become dessert. Piece of pie, anyone?
    — Photo by Danielle Elwood, @DanielleAElwood, Toddler Times blogger
  • Potion control 22 of 50
    Safe hex education — coming to a witches' school near you.
    — Photo by Meagan Shemenski, @FairlyFabulous1, Fairly Fabulous
  • The three amigos 23 of 50
    We haven't seen this good a paint job since … well … ever.
    Photo by Ana Flores, @LAFlowers, Mamifesto
  • Nice pick 24 of 50
    She searched high and low for the best pumpkin in the patch. Good choice.
    Photo by Lauren Jimeson, @AMommyInTheCity, Baby's First Year blogger
  • Shiver me timbers 25 of 50
    She only became a pirate for the treasure. Oh, and the plastic sword's pretty cool, too.
    Photo by Madeleine, @MadInLA
  • Nice ride 26 of 50
    We spy, with our little eye: Four big wheels, three red wagon panels, two girls ready for fall, and one proud papa.
    Photo by Selena, @LePetitReve, Toddler Times blogger
  • Cup o scare 27 of 50
    Drink out of this mug, and you'll be shouting "Boo!" with every sip!
    Photo by Kristen Doyle. @DineAndDish, Dine and Dish
  • Olé! 28 of 50
    Walking's for amateurs … she'll be doing the salsa from house to house this Halloween.
    Photo by Franki Arnold, @BellaMummy</a, Those Young Moms
  • Faux real 29 of 50
    She was just told her headdress was made with synthetic feathers. Bummer.
    Photo by Danni Remender, @DanniRemender
  • To infinity and beyond 30 of 50
    It looks like Buzz overdosed on pumpkin pie again …
    Photo by Erin Lane, @ErinCLane, A Parenting Production
  • To the rescue! 31 of 50
    "Mom, there's no time for pictures. The Joker's waiting for his beat-down."
    — Photo by Meghan Gesswein, @MeghanGWine, Kid Scoop blogger
  • The mask 32 of 50
    We're not sure what's creeping us out more: the evil grin, pupil-less eyes, or sinister mustache.
    Photo by Ciaran Blumenfeld, @Momfluential, Casa de Chaos
  • Speak for the trees 33 of 50
    Nothing embodies Halloween like creating your own original costume. This year, Vivi will be going as a leaf pile. Genius.
    — Photo by Casey Mullins, @MooshInIndy, Shutterlovely
  • Ahoy, mateys! 34 of 50
    Johnny Depp has nothing on these pirates.
    Photo by Shelby Barone, @GlitterfulFelt, Felt Stories
  • A new perspective 35 of 50
    Orange you glad I didn't say … pumpkin!
    Photo by Lisa Leonard, @LisaLeonard, Lisa Leonard Blog
  • Brave girl 36 of 50
    She was practicing her bow-and-arrow skills to battle unruly zombies come Halloween.
    Photo by Cecily Kellogg, @CecilyK, Uppercase Lowdown
  • Bed of pumpkins 37 of 50
    There's nothing quite like laying in a pile of gourds to get you in the autumn spirit.
    — Photo by Nadia Carriere, @ChildMode, Child Mode
  • Baby superheroes 38 of 50
    Yes, it's true. Sometimes, even Batman needs her mommy.
    Photo by Ryan Marshall, @RyanMarshall__
  • Eye of the tiger 39 of 50
    Is it just us, or is this tiger blind as a bat?
    Photo by Rachel Denbow, @SmileAndWave, Smile and Wave
  • Halloween throwback 40 of 50
    There's nothing better than a vintage jack ‘o' lantern photo to get your kids in the Halloween spirit!
    Photo by Charlie Capen and Andy Herald, @HowToBeADad, Night of the Living Dads
  • Angry bird 41 of 50
    No need to get your feathers ruffled — there's plenty of Halloween candy to go around.
    Photo by @ShellThings, Things I Can't Say
  • The gourd-geous toddler 42 of 50
    Her mom just told her that she's not really a pumpkin. Yeah, we're shocked, too.
    Photo by Nicole Balch, @MakingItLovely, Family Style blogger
  • Puppy chauffeur 43 of 50
    We wonder at what age you can get your license in doggy years.
    Photo by Stasha, @NorthwestMommy, Northwest Mommy
  • Apple of our eye 44 of 50
    How many bites does it take to get to the core of a caramel apple? We're not sure, but we'll gladly find out.
    Photo by Melissa Mulhollan, @WithoutMelissa, Dear Baby
  • Pumpkin bumpkin 45 of 50
    "I'm only cheesin' because mommy promised me candy if I didn't cry." Smart guy.
    Photo by Dani Hampton, @DaniHampton, Sometimes Sweet
  • The land before time 46 of 50
    Finally, he was reunited with his long-lost brother. It had been too long.
    Photo by Buzz Bishop, @BuzzBishop, Dadding blogger
  • Fall fashion 47 of 50
    Never have pumpkins looked so demure — or macho!
    Photo by Kirsten Grove, @SimplyGrove, Simply Grove
  • Triple threat 48 of 50
    Skeletons, and spiders, and skulls, oh my!
    — Photo by Alison Faulkner, @TheAlisonShow, The Alison Show
  • Freshly picked 49 of 50
    After searching all day, she found the perfect pumpkin to carve this Halloween — and made sure everyone knew it.
    Photo by Andrea, @HulaSeventy, Hula Seventy
  • Fine carving 50 of 50
    We're not sure if we should be scared or amused by this motley crew of jack ‘o' lanterns.
    Photo by Whit Honea, @WhitHonea, Dadding blogger
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