PLEASE HELP: Bielanko Family Fire Emergency Fundraiser


I know that many of y’all love Monica Bielanko. She is one of the most entertaining bloggers both here on Babble and on her own site.

As you may have heard, Monica, her husband Serge and their two small children Violet and Henry, suffered a terrible house fire this week. Everyone escaped unharmed, but the property damage is devastating. This story is personal to me, not only because I admire Monica and feel like I know her “in real life,”  but because I also suffered a horrible house fire as a child. In my case, our community came to the rescue with donations of cash, shelter, clothing, food, toys and emotional support. It meant the world to us in our moment of need. Let’s do the same for Monica and her lovely little family!

If you would like to make a donation to the Bielanko family, you can read all of the details on Katie Allison Granju’s site. She answers most questions you might have.


Read more about Monica Bielanko’s work with

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