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Spoonflower is an amazing site where you can upload your own fabric designs (or just use other people’s) and have them printed for the pretty reasonable price of $18-$32 per yard, depending on the type of fabric (a photo of what the printed fabric looks like above).

I hadn’t stopped by the site for a while until recently and I was SO impressed with the selection!!

Here’s what I’m loving:

There’s probably a bit of a girlie feel to this slideshow. I’ve been sourcing for a girl’s nursery and we’re also in the middle of decorating my Grace and Claire’s room. Pink overload round here.  :)

  • Hot Pink and Cobalt Blue 1 of 26
    Hot Pink and Cobalt Blue
    I absolutely adore this color combo! Both shades really pop!
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  • A Close-Up 2 of 26
    A Close-Up
    I love the free-flowing swirls and the childlike renderings of the flowers.
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  • Lovely Leaf Print 3 of 26
    Lovely Leaf Print
    From afar, this print looks like Albert Hadley's Fireworks for Hinson.
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  • A Close-Up 4 of 26
    A Close-Up
    Up close, you can really see the soft detail of the pretty gray leaves.
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  • Yellow Mums 5 of 26
    Yellow Mums
    This beautiful print feels so Scandinavian to me!
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  • Tiny Rosettes 6 of 26
    Tiny Rosettes
    I would use this print in a little girl's room for drapes!
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  • Peonies 7 of 26
    The red and green of the flowers provides such a fresh, bright look! Love it.
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  • Modern & Graphic 8 of 26
    Modern & Graphic
    This would be excellent to use when you want to keep your design palette clean and simple.
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  • Criss-Cross Pattern 9 of 26
    Criss-Cross Pattern
    Very reminiscent of chevron, but with a slight twist. Click for link
  • Persimmon Patterns 10 of 26
    Persimmon Patterns
    Probably my favorite color! This would be a pretty print to use sparingly in a room, ideally on pillows.
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  • Painterly Dots 11 of 26
    Painterly Dots
    Wouldn't this be so perfect and inspiring in a child's room? You'd be providing inspiration for all those little budding artists!
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  • Mexican Embroidered Textiles 12 of 26
    Mexican Embroidered Textiles
    These are all the rage! Personally, I am quite intrigued by this trend.
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  • Ikat Pattern 13 of 26
    Ikat Pattern
    Another great option for a child's room! Especially your little girls!
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  • A Close-Up 14 of 26
    A Close-Up
    I especially love the sweet hearts that are part of the design.
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  • Apples 15 of 26
    Although you might not expect it, pink and red often go so well together.
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  • Polkadots and Roses 16 of 26
    Polkadots and Roses
    Could there BE a better combination? I think not.
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  • A Close-Up 17 of 26
    A Close-Up
    I like to imagine this printed on several big fluffy pillows scattered throughout the room.
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  • Modprint 18 of 26
    Can't you see this used as an accent for a gray velvet sofa?!
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  • A Close-Up 19 of 26
    A Close-Up
    This print reminds me of the designer Kelly Wearstler.
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  • Arrows 20 of 26
    This hand-drawn print is another way to incorporate a unique chevron pattern into your home design.
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  • A Close-Up 21 of 26
    A Close-Up
    I love the pink color too!
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  • Lemon Yellow 22 of 26
    Lemon Yellow
    I love this for a nursery. Isn't lemon yellow such a happy color? And gender neutral if you're saving a surprise for the end of your pregnancy!
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  • Pink Leopard Dots 23 of 26
    Pink Leopard Dots
    This print is sure to add a bit of spice to the room! Sassy!
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  • Aqua Leopard Dots 24 of 26
    Aqua Leopard Dots
    Who knew animal print could be subtle? :)
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  • Aqut Ikat 25 of 26
    Aqut Ikat
    Sometimes you just cannot beat a very simple and sophisticated design.
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  • Pink Zig Zags 26 of 26
    Pink Zig Zags
    Not a very intricate design, but oh so much fun!
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