Putting Mom Back in the Picture (video)


I’ve had a pretty awesome year — girls’ nights, date nights, family fun days, and even a spur-of-the-moment vacation. A look back at our photos in search of the perfect Christmas card pics showcased a blessed family on amazing adventures.

And, for once, I’m in the pictures too!

For years, our photos have shown a lovely family of four — dad and his girls, while mom was stuck behind the camera. Over the last couple years, smartphone in hand, I’ve slowly crept back into the picture, perfecting the art of the self-portrait.

I take pictures of myself on our adventures. I take pictures of the hubby and me. I take pictures with my girls. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of group portraits for family photos, yet. I can usually only do 2-3 people in a photo, but it’s a start!

My iPhone is with me everywhere I go, so I’m taking pictures of special events, adventures, and everyday activities all the time. The photos tell the story of our year, and I get to be a part of it! Here is a look back at our 2012, through my self-portraits:

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