Raising a Little Fashionista


This is my sweet sweet 7-year old-daughter and she LOVES to choose her own outfits. My mother-in-law calls her “a little fashionista!” I don’t usually have a say in what she wears, but I also don’t mind what she chooses. How can I say no to her when she puts so much thought and effort into her outfits?! She’ll go into detail about how she styled her hair and headband to match her pink dress with her pink socks, of which are two totally different pinks!

And then of course she will still choose the sensible shoes… her purple running shoes for playtime at recess!

I do have to say I put my foot down with a few things, like her wanting to have about 10 ponytails in her hair at one time? Um, no. But for the most part, she does a great job at getting herself dressed and put all together.

My little fashionista. I can just image what it will be like as she grows up. I can’t wait to find out!

Do you have one of these? A child who’s independently their own person and style?

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