Re-Designing the *F* Word


Hi, I’m Marci!  I blog over at wrestlingwithinvesting and spaghettiandspanx. The former is a blog about  trimming my finances and the latter, trimming my thighs. That can sound trite but the thing is – at their core –  both blogs are about creating a healthy future. Sometimes I digress and eat pizza topped with oreos or spend a pay-check ( an entire pay-check) on a bag. Such is life….

To me, Home Ec teaches the wonder of being savvy how to look after your home (however you define that) on your own terms. So to some of you that may be DIY moustache projects (um, yes please!). And to others, this may include prettying up a space with wallpaper. But to me it means developing a *craft*  for finance. So, not in my entire lifetime will I ever be able to create a bag or dress, but I am savvy enough to know how to finance the purchase for the bag (and the occasional wallet), all  without risking the bank.

Now for the random fun stuff:

  • I am shamelessly addicted to twitter. Say hi @beingmarci
  • I’m a messy rotten cook but can make you a wicked cappuccino.
  • I am master of the mixed metaphor.
  • I used to have random freckles on my cheeks and nose.When I turned 40, they all just merged into one.
  • I once peed my pants from laughing so hard and rather than being embarrassed, I am waiting for it to happen again.
  • But mainly, I am really looking just looking froward to meeting you guys and chatting it up a bit –  Come say hi!!
*crafty* budgeting allowed me to buy - rather than make - this bag from France


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