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I have piles of receipts tucked in my purse. More on my desk. And, yet another pile stacked on the file cabinet, just waiting to be properly stored. We have to save receipts for insurance reimbursement, Girl Scout reporting, and tax deductible expenses.

I’ve just never found a good solution for receipt storage — until now.

Shoeboxed is a program that will keep track of everything for you! Mail in your receipts, scan documents, take pictures on your phone, or email online orders for Shoeboxed management. They will categorize your spending so you can easily find what you need.

Use it to realign your family budget, print expense reports or file taxes. It definitely beats shoeboxes, files, and piles of receipts at home! With a variety of price points, there is a plan to fit your needs for business or personal use.

They even have a completely free DIY plan — scan and upload your receipts at anytime for online storage. Click here to start your free account now.

How do you store your receipts?

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