Removing Marker Stains


image courtesy of the New York Times

Can you imagine ever letting your kids go to town with sharpies on your upholstery?

Markers are contraband in my house. I have them on lock down and everyone knows they are only supposed to be used by the kids under supervision. I accidentally left out a sharpie a couple weeks ago and of course it was used to color a picture on my dining table. There was leakage through the paper and some color outside of the lines (as in, completely off the paper).

I can happily report that my wood table shows no signs of sharpie today because of this miracle product…

It’s called Lift Off and it removes all sorts of pen and ink stains. I’ve tried it on carpet, fabrics and solid surfaces. I would say my success rate with the product is at about 90%. It’s pretty amazing stuff!

Do you have any secret sources for ink removal?


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