Store Hours for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day


We’re coming down to the wire — are you ready yet? If you still need a few gifts, we’ve got you covered! I’m out of time for last minute handmade gifts, but several retail stores have extended hours today & tomorrow. Plus, I’ll probably need to make a stop on Christmas Eve for tape. No matter how well stocked I think I am, we never seem to have enough for the last few gifts.

Here are store closing times for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:

12/24 5pm
Best Buy

12/24 6pm

12/24 7pm
Kohl’s (open until midnight 12/23)

12/24 9pm

12/24 10pm
CVS (some locations open on Christmas Day)
Toys R Us (Open 24 hours through Christmas Eve closing)

Christmas Day
Walgreens (Regular hours on Christmas Eve; 24 hour stores remain open; other locations will open 9am-6pm Christmas Day)

Be sure to check with your location for details and confirmation. And, if you are dreading a chaotic Christmas Eve trip, check online for in-store pickup options, including Best Buy, Wal-mart, and Kmart, for a fast, easy in-and-out trip.

Of course one of the easiest last minute gift ideas is gift cards or cash, so be sure to check out these awesomely creative ways to gift money.

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