Texas Modern: My First Fabric Collection


I’ve been stitching away and hanging fabric on fence posts and now I’m finally ready to show off Texas Modern, my first fabric collection. Texas Modern is inspired by all of the beauty I find living in Texas, from glowing sunsets to swooping birds of prey, from farms and fairgrounds to the pageantry of big bows and rose gardens, all with a modern twist.

Texas Modern has a southern feel but I hope you like it even if you are from Rhode Island or North Dakota or California. Speaking of California, thanks to Jaime for the dreamy brainstorming sessions that started 9 months ago over a couple of New Ages in Salt Lake City.

All of my designs start as original watercolor paintings and ink drawings. I’ve enjoyed getting back to my roots as an artist and have become addicted to creating new designs.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love designing patterns any more… I sent them off to Spoonflower and now have my own actual fabric. That is an amazing feeling.

If you like Texas Modern too, you can order some from Spoonflower. They have everything from a fat-quarter on up in any one of 9 fabric types starting at $11. Ive seen the canvas, cotton silk and quilting cotton in person and they are LOVELY.

Now that I’ve stopped rolling around in it giggling, I’m eager to share a bunch of Texas Modern projects with you. I hope that you will share yours too! In fact, I would be forever grateful if you did.

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