The Best DIY Projects Of The Week!


After Mother’s Day and all of the crafty festivities around the Internet, I thought the DIY projects might slow down a little. Boy was I wrong! This week’s DIY projects are all must see and must try. Trust me.

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  • Star Ceiling 2 of 14
    best diy 01

    I love this! It's clever and fun but subtle. Ok, subtle-ish.

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  • Blooms 3 of 14
    best diy 02

    I really stink at arranging flowers. This tutorial gives me hope that mine can look this good.

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  • Moon Clock 4 of 14
    best diy 03

    How rad is this clock? I love it! So easy too.

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  • Beach Tote 5 of 14
    best diy 04

    If you're feeling ambitious, and I know you are, try making your own super stylish beach tote.

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  • Hoorah 6 of 14
    best diy 05

    This is the perfect little banner to have hanging up year round.

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  • Dino Frames 7 of 14
    best diy 06

    Why dino frames? It's just fun. That's why.

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  • Bubble Skirt 8 of 14
    best diy 07

    This little skirt is perfect for summer! I want one.

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  • Rustic Shelves 9 of 14
    best diy 08

    Sometimes you just need to make your own shelves. And I love these shelves.

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  • Surprise Door 10 of 14
    best diy 09

    This is such a cute and clever idea to surprise someone with on their big day. I love the colors too!

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  • Painted Chargers 11 of 14
    best diy 10

    The prettiest chargers. Ever. Such a fun and easy project!

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  • Confetti Cups 12 of 14
    best diy 11

    We all love confetti, right? So why not add some to your party cups. Make them more party-ish.

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  • Rose Cloche 13 of 14
    best diy 12

    Remember that floating rose from Beauty & The Beast? Now it can make your own! Lucky.

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  • Pillows 14 of 14
    best diy 13

    I could use a few more amazing pillows around here. How about you?

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