The Best Summer Party Ideas


Ain’t no party like a summer party. That’s what I always say. But more grammatically correct. Here are some pretty fun summer party ideas for the upcoming warm party months.

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    summer parties

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  • Yard Games 2 of 15
    summer parties 01

    Make your own Twister and other classic games to play outside. So, so fun.

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  • BBQ 3 of 15
    summer parties 02

    A summer classic. Add your own little spins for a BBQ your guests won't forget any time soon.

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  • Water Games 4 of 15
    summer parties 03

    Pick a super hot day and plan on getting wet with a few fun water games.

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  • Ice Cream Party! 5 of 15
    summer parties 05

    If you were to tell me that ice cream parties are the best attended, I would not be surprised at all. 

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  • Fiesta 6 of 15
    summer parties 06

    Sure Cinco de Mayo has come and gone, but that doesn't mean you can't still have a fiesta! I love all the details of this party.

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  • Outdoor Movie Night 7 of 15
    summer parties 07

    I have always wanted to throw a backyard movie party. This sign would be the perfect touch.

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  • Glow 8 of 15
    summer parties 08

    How fun would this be? Have it in your backyard with plenty of glow sticks. 

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  • Stargazing 9 of 15
    summer parties 09

    When I was in college my roommates and I would get a party together and head out to the middle of nowhere for a little stargazing bash. Very romance inducing. 

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    summer parties 10

    A summer staple! Serve snow cones of every flavor and have plenty of adorable snow cone decorations. Plenty.

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  • Hot Dog Bar 11 of 15
    summer parties 11

    I love the idea of having a party dedicated to hot dogs. Have every thinkable topping and then some and let people create their masterpieces! 

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  • 4th 12 of 15
    summer parties 12

    We can't forget about the most popular summer party in the U.S. of A! Celebrate with sparklers, great food and of course red, white and blue.

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  • Pool 13 of 15
    summer parties 13

    If you are lucky enough to have a pool, you must have a pool party. You must! 

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  • Campout 14 of 15
    summer parties 14

    If you don't have a sleepover, campout, or anything else camp-related, you have to have s'mores. It's required. 

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  • Outdoor 15 of 15
    summer parties 15

    If having a themed party is too much to handle, or if low-key is just more your style, try throwing a simple outdoor gathering. These lights would be all the decorations you would need. So rad.

    Image found via Perpetually Engaged.

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