The Birthday Freebie Crawl


With less than a week until my birthday, my email and mailbox are quickly filling with offers for free food, retail coupons, and yummy birthday desserts! Usually, we just pick one of the restaurants that sent a birthday club offer and go out for dinner on the big day.

It’s just not in our budget to hit everything. Even with the free meal or appetizer, we still have to spend so much on the rest of the family. Then, I hit on an idea to use them all — without spending extra money!

I don’t have to take the rest of them.

A good friend of mine has a birthday just days away from mine. Our plan is to spend an afternoon on a freebie crawl. You know, like a pub crawl without the hangover. We can choose one restaurant for lunch. Hit another for free dessert. Stop by the mall for our retail freebies and end the day at yet another restaurant for our free birthday dinner.

It’s the best of everything — a fun day with a friend and birthday freebies galore! With no wasted coupons.

Photo by the lovely and talented MooshInIndy, used with permission

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