There's No Such Thing as Junk Mail


With spring comes the desire to clean out the house. From airing out the germs to weeding through the closets, spring cleaning is in full force around here. We’re boxing things up for Goodwill, setting items aside for a summer yard sale, and tossing more trash than should have ever been allowed in the house.

That’s why I was very interested to read 10 Things Ever Woman Needs to Throw Away — just in case I missed something. But, I took issue with their stance on junk mail. Because there’s really no such thing.

Okay, okay — your mailbox full of political flyers, realtor postcards, and unwanted catalogs wants to argue with me there. I truly do recycle dozens of items every week, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in it. Each week, I find discounts for restaurants, retail stores, and home services that make it well worth the effort to scrutinize the mail pile every day.

To reduce your time and paper waste, you can opt out of credit card offers and cancel catalog subscriptions. But, I draw the line at opting out of commercial mailings altogether.

Junk mail saved me $10 on girls’ night a few months ago. Junk mail saved us $100 on last year’s furnace repair. Junk mail saved the hubby $10 on a recent oil change. That’s $120, off the top of my head, just for spending a couple minutes each day sorting the coupon mailers.

How valuable is your junk mail?
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