They Come, They Eat, They Leave


The hubby and I have this little dance we do when I find free coupons for things he would love.

I pass them along, send him at the appropriate time, and then my jaw drops when I see a charge for that very same place later in the day.

Um, what?

My first assumption is always that he forgot the coupon, but nope.

He just feels bad getting free stuff if he isn’t paying for something else.

I, on the other hand, have absolutely no problem grabbing my freebie and moving on.

I kinda get it, though. The whole point of free coupons is to get you into the store or trying their product. But, that doesn’t mean you have to buy into it right away!

If I like it, I’ll tell people. I’ll come back for more. They’ll definitely get their money’s worth out of me. It just doesn’t have to be right away.

Do you buy extras when your coupon is completely free?

Photo Credit: Flickr user: andosteinmetz

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