8 Things I Can't Do Now That the Hubby Is Home Every Day


The hubby lost his job a month ago. He’s been trying to drum up business and working on freelance projects from home ever since. It’s been kind of nice having him around all the time.

Until I realized he’ll be around all the time. As in, always.

We’re pretty good at going our own way now and then. Well, I am anyway. Girls’ Night is a sacred event around here. But, it’s definitely going to be an adjustment to have him home every day.

I’ve spent 14 years as a stay-at-home mom, building routines and habits that don’t quite mesh with another person.

Here are 8 things that have to change, now that my husband is around to witness them:

  • Play Hooky 1 of 8
    Play Hooky
    One of the perks of working for yourself is the ability to blow off the day when something better comes along. I've been known to grab a spur of the moment lunch with a friend, hit unexpected clearance sales or spend an unplanned day with the girls. Now that we're working together, the family relies a little more on my income so I'll have to be more disciplined.
  • Rely on Leftovers 2 of 8
    Rely on Leftovers
    On the hubby's very first day at home, I opened the fridge to find the leftovers I'd been planning for lunch completely gone. Apparently, it's time to label my food in the "office" fridge.
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  • Take a Nap 3 of 8
    Take a Nap
    I won't lie — naps are a regular part of my week. I think I've managed to convince him that it's an integral part of the creative process...
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  • Talk to Myself 4 of 8
    Talk to Myself
    As it turns out, I talk to myself while I work. A lot. Luckily, the hubby wears noise-canceling headphones most of the time. We've had to work out a system for when I'm actually speaking to him.
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  • Blame the Kids 5 of 8
    Blame the Kids
    Look at that adorably filthy face? It's totally not my fault that my messes are often assumed to be the girls'...
  • Pee with the Door Open 6 of 8
    Pee with the Door Open
    When I'm home alone, I can wander in and out at will, without worrying about doors. Now, someone will be here. All. The. Time.
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  • Choose the Music 7 of 8
    Choose the Music
    The hubby is very musically inclined. He plays, he devours new music, and he's officially in charge of the selections when he's home. Which, in case I didn't mention, is always.
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  • Random Dancing 8 of 8
    Random Dancing
    Here's a little secret about me: I dance when the house is empty. I arabesque at the fridge. I step ball change to the laundry room. But, I can't really dance like no one is watching anymore. Because now someone is. Every day.
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