This Simple Tip Saved Our Morning Routine


I have a 4 year old who is very specific about her clothing. There are many mornings we are late getting to school as she is still trying to decide what to wear. It has been a real struggle in our house. My other two children don’t have this issue, they are dressed and eating breakfast almost before I’m awake. But this little one, she’s got some fire in her.

Not knowing what to do, as her and I were butting heads every morning, I finally talked to some friends about tips to help. I tried this simple idea, putting her outfit together the night before, and it has worked like magic. MAGIC!

Right before she goes to bed, she chooses what she wants to wear for the next day. And the best part is, she can do this all by herself. I’ll walk in to put her to sleep and she’s got everything lined up next to her bed, even down to her underwear (which she places under her pants)!

It’s been a couple of weeks now and this tip has been a life saver. No more morning fights to get her dressed. She’s ready when the other two kids are. And she’s confident in what she wants to wear as she’s had enough time to think it through the night before, not feeling rushed to get ready in time for school.

All is right in the world. Hooray!

Do you struggle with this? Do your kids want a say in every single piece of clothing they put on?


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