Tips for Speed-Cleaning Your Kitchen


There are days when I find cleaning my kitchen to be totally therapeutic and others when I’d rather pull out each one of my teeth than get in there to clean. Thankfully, there are plenty of quick cleaning tips that will make your kitchen sparkle in no time at all. Next time you’re running the dishwasher, throw in the refrigerator drawers and sponges. You will be one step closer to a clean fridge and your sponges will be clean and disinfected. Make lists of quick kitchen chores you can do daily, weekly and monthly. Check out the pre-made chore list you can go by and see more speedy-clean kitchen tips…

Fill the sink with hot water and one cup of bleach, let soak and enjoy a shiny sink without having to spend 30-minutes scrubbing.

Check out the daily, weekly and monthly chore list, along with other kitchen cleaning tips at Real Simple.

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