Ways My Family Makes Summer Memories


So many family memories are made during the summer. We have a few ways that like to record memories and keep track of where we’ve been. Some take more work than others…..but just grabbing a few mementos of a trip can be as easy as labeling a rock!

Here are a few ways we’ve created memories in our family:


  • Map 1 of 4
    Keep track of your destinations with a map! I made this one for my daughter using a bulletin board and spray paint.
    Check out my tutorial on Lil Blue Boo
  • Rocks 2 of 4
    Collect a rock from every trip. Label it with the date and destination.
    Check out my tutorial on Lil Blue Boo
  • Spiral Journal 3 of 4
    Spiral Journal
    Collect stories and photos, print on regular paper, and take your book to the local copy store to be bound together.
    Check out my tutorial on Lil Blue Boo
  • Trip Treasure Jar 4 of 4
    Trip Treasure Jar
    Keep a jar full of trip trinkets. Label each jar with the date and location.
    Check out my tutorial on Lil Blue Boo

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