Welcome to the Babble Family: Kid Scoop!


The New Home Ec is pleased to announce the newest member of the Babble blog family: Kid Scoop.  This is the place where fellow bloggers dish on the perks and the challenges of parenting kids ages 4-8.  After reading a few of the articles I’m pleased to report the writing is witty and the tone is truthful and amusing.  What kind of thought provoking topics can you expect from the Kid Scoop bloggers? Check it out after the jump.

Show and Tell: Proof We’re All Suckers – how show-and-tell at school can end up adding way more items than you anticipated to your children’s Christmas lists

Life With the Caped Crusader – a child wears his costume around town and introduces himself as Batman

So My Four Year Old’s Not an Athlete – discuss whether or not your children is suited for athletics in the comments

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Visit Kid Scoop today and let them know how much you love the new blog!

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