When the Experience Is Worth Every Penny


I’m frugal by nature. If I don’t have to spend the money, I won’t. If there’s a cheaper alternative, I’ll run with it. And, if it’s got a high price tag, I rarely even consider it.

But, I’m beginning to learn, sometimes, it’s totally worth it!

Twice just last week, I had the opportunity to try a few things that I normally would have shied away from due to cost. The first was a completely amazing whale watching expedition. Later that week, I braved a fantastic zip line adventure park with a few of my friends.

Turns out? They were both completely worth the $50 price tag!

I experienced thrills like you wouldn’t believe — the power of the ocean combined with the beauty of a humpback whale, the excitement of speeding through the trees combined with the terror of making the leap. Both experiences were just beyond amazing.

And, both were things I would have been too frugal to consider. The problem i, I wouldn’t have known the regret. So, how do you balance frugality with experiencing life? How do you know when to budget carefully and when to splurge?

How do I keep from missing out on something like this?

Photo 1: Me on the zipline, courtesy of my friend Sarah
Photo 2: Freckles the whale, taken from mere feet away on the tour boat

Yes, I had the chance to experience both whale watching and ziplining for free, but I would so pay for them both again! Huge thanks to 7 Seas Whale Watch and Go Ape Adventure Park for an incredible week.

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