Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Budget?


The family budget? It scares me.

Our budget dictates what we can and can’t afford each month. Our budget decides what we’ll eat for the week. Our budget just rules around here—and I kinda hate it.

Even though I know it’s totally necessary. I get that we need a budget to be aware of our spending habits and I know how to budget.

Our monthly budget is to our lifestyle, but forcing myself to actually sit down and do it is quite a chore. So, it gets put off as the bills pile up around us.

Until I landed on the solution — wine and budget night!

Now, I pick up a bottle of budget wine, then schedule an evening with the hubby. It’s my incentive to sit down and go over the household finances. Plus? The wine relaxes me enough for the numbers not to look so bad.

If wine isn’t your thing, find something that makes budget night more palatable for you!

Save a favorite dessert to get you through financial planning. Order a pizza to enjoy while you pay bills. Go over your spreadsheets while you soak your feet — whatever it takes for you to actually enjoy a part of the experience.

What would get you through a night of number crunching?