Why I Don't Shop at Walmart (It's Not What You Think)


I’m sure you’re expecting a rant on working conditions, corporate tactics or failed customer service. And, yeah, put me down for despising all that. But, the reason I don’t shop at Walmart has nothing to do with a moral compass at all.

Sure, the customer service sucks. The stores I’ve visited are usually disorganized and dirty. Using coupons is more hassle than it’s worth. And, the rollback fails and People of Walmart pics serve as great reminders that I’ve made the right choice.

But, the reason I don’t shop at Walmart is all about frugality.

I know, I know — what could be cheaper than Walmart? Except, that’s just it. Walmart is cheap, not frugal. There’s a big difference, and I don’t come cheap. Which is why I finally stopped letting the lure of low prices get to me.

Because when you buy cheap crap from Walmart, you get cheap crap from Walmart.

I’d rather spend a few dollars more on something that lasts than have to buy a replacement later. Let’s compare a little frugal math: I have to buy 2 $4 shirts at one store to get them to last as long as 1 $6 shirt at another.

How much money are you really saving?

Rollback Fail photo by Shopper Strategy, used with permission

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