10 Awesome Children's Albums Parents Will Love

I’ve always loved music. My digital music library exceeds 20,000 songs and I have a huge record collection. In addition, I was the editor-in-chief of an indie music website and I play the guitar from time to time.

When I became a parent for the first time in 2001, I was appalled by the music choices for kids. Listening to the available children’s music felt like a form of medieval torture. Thankfully, children’s music has improved significantly over the years. Artists are creating music that is not only catchy, but also musically complex. Today children’s music is available in any genre and is compelling enough for parents to enjoy.

Here are 10 awesome children’s albums you can enjoy with your whole family. I’ve included a few classic albums along with some stunning new releases.

  • 12 Kid’s Albums that Parents WIll Love 1 of 11
    10 Children's Albums Parents will Love

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  • Shine and the Moonbeams – Self-Titled 2 of 11
    shine and the moonbeams

    This is my current favorite children's album. Shine and the Moonbeams is a smooth neo-soul band led by the phenomenal lead singer Shawana Kemp. The group entered the music scene in 2011 with their nationally acclaimed radio hit called "High Five." Their self-titled debut album takes you on a magical journey of sweet soul music.

    Kemp's voice is mesmerizing and the band is air-tight. My favorite songs are "The Melody in Me" and "High Five," but my kids and I keep the whole album on repeat.

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  • Jack Johnson & Friends – "Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies for the Film Curious George" 3 of 11
    jack johnson

    I've been a fan of Jack Johnson since he released his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales. I was a bit apprehensive when I heard that he was recording the soundtrack for a Curious George movie. Don't get wrong. I like the cute, mischievous monkey, but he's not the most exciting storybook character. Thankfully, Johnson created a collection of songs that are both interesting and enduring. This album is breezy and light and helps you to relax after a full day of changing diapers, dealing with picky-eaters, and arguing with teenagers.

    My favorite song is "My Own Two Hands" because it features one of my favorite artists, Ben Harper.

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  • Underbirds 4 of 11

    I learned about Underbirds from my friend Jeff who writes about kid's music at Out With The Kids. This album is full of lush harmonies, crunchy guitars and infectious pop-hooks. The thing I like about this group is that the band members, Morgan Taylor and Todd McHatto, write quirky, clever lyrics that aren't saccharine sweet. They are appropriate for children and edgy at the same time. I feel happy when I listen to this album and so do my kids.

    My favorite song is "The Ground" because it has a Lenny Kravitz vibe to to it.

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  • Disney’s Greatest Collection – Volumes 1-3 5 of 11
    disneys greatest

    If you're a Disney fan, this collection of movie songs is a must have item. Listening to these songs brought back several childhood memories for me. With artists such as Phil Collins, Randy Newman, Sarah McLachlan, and yes, Donny Osmond you'll find yourself putting on a pair of mouse ears and singing along.

    My favorite song in the collection is "Chim Chim Cher- Ee" from the movie Mary Poppins.

    Image via Amazon

  • Rockabye Baby – Lullaby Renditions of Jay-Z 6 of 11
    baby jay z

    Turning Jay-Z's songs into innocuous lullabies was a stroke of genius. Nothing soothes a cranky baby better than a soothing rendition of "Big Pimpin".

    The series also includes lullaby versions of Kanye West, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.

    Image via Amazon

  • Ziggy Marley Family Time 7 of 11
    ziggy marley

    Ziggy is my third favorite Marley (behind Bob and Stephen), but I respect him for carrying his father's tradition of creating uplifting music. 

    Family Time is Ziggy Marley's first full-length children's album. Produced by Don Was, the collection features a variety as guests including Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, and Rita Marley. It also has two stories narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis.

    My favorite song is "This Train," a collaboration with Wille Nelson.

    Image via Amazon

  • Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell – Turn Turn Turn 8 of 11
    dan zanes elizabeth mitchell

    Turn Turn Turn is a brilliant collaboration between Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell. Their soothing harmonies and driving rhythms make this album a joy to listen to. If you like Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers, you will love this album. In addition to making good music, Dan has great hair.

    My favorite song is "Train Is-A Coming."

    Image via Amazon.

  • Yo Gabba Gabba Music is Awesome – Volumes 1-4 9 of 11
    yo gabba gabba

    When I first saw Yo Gabba Gabba on TV, I thought someone had laced my breakfast with hallucinogens. The show was trippy and bizarre. But the thing that compelled me to keep watching was the music. Any show that has Biz Markie as a regular deserves the benefit of the doubt. I soon discovered that Yo Gabba Gabba was the place to hear hot artists such as The Roots, Weezer, Flaming Lips, Solange Knowles and cult artists such as George Clinton and Devo. All of their talents are captured on this 4 volume set of awesome music. 

    My favorite song is "Nice 'N' Clean" by Chromeo. The 80s pop/funk synth vibe is amazing.

    Image via Amazon

  • Moona Luna – Vamos, Let’s Go 10 of 11
    moona luna

    Although my Spanish isn't as good as I'd like it to be, I enjoy listening to Latin music. I love the rhythms, the energy, and the tropical feeling. Moona Luna's album Vamos, Let's Go! has all of these elements and more. For this album, songwriter and bandleader, Sandra Velasquez, found inspiration in American pop hits of the 50 s and 60s. This mix of Latin and American influences make for an interesting and compelling album that the whole family can enjoy.

    My favorite song is the high energy, "No Me Digas."

    Image via Amazon

  • Groove Kid’s Nation – Music In Motion 11 of 11
    groove kid nation

    Rodney Lee was a dad, like me, who was disappointed with the state of children's music. Instead of complaining, he decided to do something about it and record his own songs. The result was Groove Kid's Nation, a collection of original songs and funky remakes of classic children's and R&B songs. With his team of top L.A. musicians, Lee recorded Music in Motion to get children moving to the beat while learning about musical concepts and instruments. When you listen this album, you will dance whether you want to or not.

    My favorite song is funky, "Get up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose."

    Image via Amazon

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