10 Fun Books to Read to Your Kids This Summer

Summer is a great time to introduce young readers to new books. My kids and I spend a good portion of the summer vacation scouting interesting books at the public library. Although we’ve probably read hundreds of books together, my kids and I have a few favorites that are on regular rotation.

These 10 fun books will delight parents and kids. Although a couple of these books are hard to find, they are worth the effort to locate them. You will be rewarded with interesting stories, great artwork, and memorable moments with your children.

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    10 Fun Books to Read This Summer

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  • "Star Wars: Vader’s Little Princess" by Jeffery Brown 2 of 12
    Vaders little princess

    My family loves the Star Wars movies and this book allows us to experience a fun story about Darth Vader as a dad. Vader endures tea parties and eventually has to deal with his little princess' turning into a rebellious teenager. I like this book because I can read it to my 12 year old daughter without her complaining or reaching for her cell phone. This book is the follow-up to Star Wars: Darth Vader and Son (also recommended).

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  • "Interrupting Chicken" by David Ezra Stein 3 of 12
    interrupting chicken

    My son brought the book home from his school's library and it has quickly become one of our family's favorites. It is the story of a little chicken who keeps interrupting his father as he tries to read his son a bedtime story. The book is funny and engaging and I like how it shows a positive interaction between father and child.

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  • "The Adventures of Max and Pinky: Superheroes" by Maxwell Eaton 4 of 12
    max and pinky superheroes

    During the summer months, superhero movies are popular. For an extra dose of super entertainment, read about Max and Pinky's adventures as they don capes and attempt to save the day. My sons love the Max and Pinky series and always request that I read them to their classes during the school year. These books are also fun to read on a summer evening right before bedtime.

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  • "The Book That Eats People" by Mark Fearing 5 of 12

    The humor in this book can be a little dark at times, but it's still a fun read. The story begins with this warning:

    CAUTION! This is a book that eats people. If you hear growling while you're reading it, stop reading, close the cover, and put something heavy on it...

    My kids like this book because each page raises their level of anticipation. By the end of the book, they always ask to me to put the it in a safe location away from their bedrooms. I like to "hide" this book around the house in conspicuous places for my kids to discover it. They're eager to read it again every time they find it.

    Purchase via Amazon for $12.20

  • "Every Little Thing" by Cedella Marley 6 of 12

    Any book based on a Bob Marley song is a must read. Marley's daughter, turned his song, "Three Little Birds," into a delightful story of hope that celebrates life. Every little thing is gonna be alright if you read this book to your kids.

    Purchase via Amazon for $12.86

  • "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson 7 of 12
    the gruffalo

    This story of a sly little mouse who outsmarts several predators will always be on our family's top 10 list. When you read this book to your kids, you must use funny voices especially when the Gruffalo appears. I like to portray the mouse as a British nobelman. 

    Purchase via Amazon for $6.29

  • "Shark Vs. Train" by Chris Barton 8 of 12

    This book is my 5 year old son's favorite. What boy could resist a book about a shark and a train battling each other? It's like a "Shark Week" and "Thomas the Tank Engine" mash-up complete with burping.

    Purchase via Amazon for $12.41

  • "The Daddy Mountain" by Jules Feiffer 9 of 12
    the daddy mountain

    I bought this book for my 12 year old daughter when she was 4 years old and it's always been one of her favorites. Even though she's donated all of her other children's books to her younger brothers and to charity, this one remains on her bookshelf. Periodically she'll drag me into her bedroom right before bedtime and ask me to read it to her. 

    Purchase via Amazon for $48.60

  • "Because I’m Your Dad" by Ahmet Zappa 10 of 12

    I like books that portray dads as kind, loving caregivers. My kids also like to hear heartwarming stories about fathers. This book discusses the special things that dads do with their kids. It's always fun to hear my kids say, "We do that," after I read a passage from the book. We enjoy watching the book's trailer too.

    Purchase via Amazon for $11.82

  • "The Dark" by Lemony Snicket 11 of 12
    the dark lemony snicket

    In this book, The Dark literally comes to life. This book is helpful for kids who are afraid of the dark because it teaches them to face their fears head-on. The drawings are brilliant and the story is unconventional. The Dark is unlike most children's books and that is what makes it appealing to my family.

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