10 Places Where Dads Can Meet New Friends

In high school and college, I formed friendships without much effort. Attending the same classes, having the same interests, or living in the same dormitory was enough to develop a strong bond. When we graduated, our bonds started to loosen. Suddenly, we had careers families, and adult responsibilities. Pretty soon, I realized that I rarely hung out with my old friends and I had now idea where or how to meet new friends.

My wife would often try to force me to be friends with her friends’ husbands. While I was always courteous, I didn’t like to have friendships forced on me. I wanted to make friends on my own terms.

Over the years, I’ve managed to connect with a great group of guys and replenish my supply of friends. If you’re seeking some guys to hang out with, here are 10 places where you can meet new friends.

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    10 Places WHere Dads Can Meet New Friends

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  • Work 2 of 12
    lawyers at work

    Since men spend a large of portion of time at work (50+ hours on average), it is great place to meet friends. During my 20 year tenure at my former company, I built some enduring friendships. Of course, every co-worker is not friend material. You have to skillfully navigate the office politics to find someone that you can trust and are willing to hang out with after work. 

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  • Gym 3 of 12

    At the gym, guys have a common goal - to get healthier and keep in shape. Although there may be a few hyper-competivie guys in the gym, most guys are friendly and willing to help each other. After a guy has spotted you on the bench press, it's much easier to strike up a conversation.

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  • Church 4 of 12

    Most churches are welcoming places where people from all walks of life converge. A shared belief and value system will make it easier for men to connect with one another. Guys can develop, deep lasting friendships that are based on their faith.

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  • Athletic League 5 of 12

    Communities around the nation have several amateur sporting leagues that allow guys to socialize with one another. There's flag football, softball, bowling, even kickball. By joining these leagues, you'll not only have the opportunity to relive your glory days, but can also make some great new friends.

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  • Bar 6 of 12

    Nearly every guy would like to hang out at a place like Cheers. You walk in the door and everybody knows your name (and they're always glad you came). You can have that same kind of camaraderie at your local bar. Find a place that has a good atmosphere, isn't too crowded or noisy, and is frequented by friendly patrons. Be kind to the bartenders and tip them well. They can help you to break down barriers by making personal introductions. 

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  • Online 7 of 12
    Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 3.59.19 PM

    Over the years, I've made some close friends online. By the time we finally met in real life, it felt as if we had know each other for years because we had. Social networks allow you to really get to know a person's personality. I've found that Twitter and Facebook are the best places to build lasting friendships. I've also met several friends by reading blogs.

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  • Networking Event 8 of 12

    If you belong to a professional organization, you have several opportunities to meet new people at their networking events. If not, tap into your local Chamber of Commerce. In addition to meeting new friends, you might also develop some valuable business and career contacts.

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  • A Friend’s House 9 of 12

    Your current friends can be your gateway to meeting new friends. Take them up on their invitations to watch the game, play some poker or have dinner. You're bound to meet someone you didn't know before. 

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  • Barber Shop 10 of 12

    The barber shop is a great place to relax, unwind and hang out with the guys. You can discuss politics, sports, relationships, or whatever topic comes to mind. Few topics are off limits in the barbershop. I've been going to my current shop for over a decade and now I bring my boys there. During this 10-year period, I've developed a strong friendship with my barber and several of his regular customers.

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  • Your Neighborhood 11 of 12

    Don't be the guy who lives in your neighborhood for several years without ever getting to know your neighbors. Take the time to introduce yourself and get acquainted with the people in your neighborhood. Who knows when you might need to borrow a power tool.

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